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How Artificial Intelligence can replace your digital marketing jobs in near future?

No one does the same work daily, if you are doing then you are going to risk your career. “Change is the only thing that never change

Little ago people are doing only cold calls to generate their leads, but now everything is digitalized. We do marketing campaigns using CRM’s, Automation tools, various analytics tools to understand the user behavior (now marketers try to understand what user needs – for example 1: If you are looking for Red color shirt in Amazon and left out without buying it, then you will get promotions on the same shirt, same color, same brand, related brands etc. to your mail or through ads, Example 2: If your wife is pregnant and you are looking for things used by pregnant ladies, then automatically Amazon will reach out to you with items for new born babies in 8 months gap ), So each and everything is monetized and recorded for future promotions by various automation tools.

These software’s are replacing the user works (Human Brain). These tools are designed in a way to work on their own to perform certain tasks.

Are you wondering Why Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

First what is meant by artificial intelligence? Computers will do all the things that human can do, computers can think like a human and they can do decision making as well.

So, AI can give you high level analytics, decision making and they can prepare the best marketing campaign for your brands. Today you can find various tools available in the market to check backlinks, to do various submissions for your website, to automate your work in social media, to understand what your user like/dislike. So, everything can be done by these tools with 100 percent accuracy in the work.

How AI changed Digital Marketing?

Few years ago, companies hire a team of digital marketers to promote their business. Their tasks include website analysis, keyword rank checking, off page submission, on page works, content marketing, social media optimization and marketing, email marketing, cold calling etc.

But the condition now is companies doesn’t hire a team, instead they hire a digital marketing expert who can manage all these automation tools with more accuracy in minimum time. So AI reduces the work of human for successful marketing campaigns.

For example: If you are going to run a marketing campaign, you need to understand the trends of last 3-4 years and you should know your competitors and their activities. As well new competitors are entering in your market daily, so it is tough to follow all these stuffs. Every company wants immediate results in their ROI with accurate and quick results.

AI based marketing software can help you design the effective marketing strategy by providing the market trends, sales trends, segmentation, targeting, filters, web optimization, content generation, sales and funnel visualization and lot more.

How to keep you in safer side on Digital Marketing field?

You should keep yourself well-armed in what is happening in digital marketing field. Companies don’t want normal people, they want some great people who can take their brand to next level through marketing.

Upgrade your skills could be another best solution for you. Skills are always needed to be up scaled for better performance to save your position. There is always a risk associated with the technologies which you should be able to handling. Even Digital Marketing people will face big problems to save their jobs in near future, so marketers should be ready to face those challenges.

Only good performers are likely to grow faster in this competitive era. Yes, Machine are smart and intelligent but humans made the machine and they can utilize the available tools and software for better digital marketing campaigns. Worst is yet to come. It could be bigger than just inflation, cutting down the manpower.

AI can vanish some job positions completely in future. My Prediction is Artificial Intelligence can replace Digital Marketing Jobs, as well it will create many new jobs 🙂

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