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Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics Exact Difference Explained with a Simple Example

Almost 95 Percent of Digital Marketers around the world use only Google Analytics to track their data / numbers and they are doing it successfully too. The fact i need to highlight here is even most of the Paid Analytics tools can’t come close to Google Analytics(Free).

Difference Between Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics:

Even-though Google Analytics is free, it has some parts that are hard to understand by a beginner. This article covers one of the confusing part the difference between Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics reports gives two types of data.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Metrics

In Simple find the below Screenshot of a GA report table.

Difference Between Dimensions and Metrics

As you can see “Rows” of  a GA report are Dimensions and “Columns” are Metrics. This can be simplified as every GA report is made up of Dimensions and Metrics.

What is a Dimension in Google Analytics ?

Dimensions are the attribute of your website visitors. It gives the visitor informations such as from where they are visiting, age of the visitor, which device they are using etc.,

Example for Dimensions in GA:

Let’s take you as an example, i assume you in the age group of 22-30 from Mumbai, India visited my website after your Google search for the keyword “Difference between Dimensions and Metrics in GA” via Google Chrome browser using your Samsung Mobile which runs on Android OS.

Now are the attributes my Google Analytics collect about you:

Gender: Men

Age: 22-30

Country: India

City: Mumbai

Keyword: Difference between Dimensions and Metrics in GA

Browser: Google Chrome

Device Category: Mobile

Operating System: Android

Gender, Age, City Country, Keyword, Browser, Device, Operating System comes under Dimensions in Google Analytics because those gives the characteristics of my website visitors.

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What is a Metric in Google Analytics ?

Metric is a value or a number that is used to measure the characteristics of Dimensions. Dimensions can have more than one Characteristics.

What is a metric in Google Analytics

From the above image, Keyword is the “Dimension” and the following are its characteristics or metrics.

  1. Users
  2. New Users
  3. Sessions
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Pages / Session
  6. Avg. Session Duration
  7. Goal Conversion Rate
  8. Goal Completion
  9. Goal Value

As i mentioned above Dimensions can have more than one Characteristics, so Users, New Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Pages / Session, Avg. Session Duration, Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completion, Goal Value are called as the Metrics in Google Analytics for the dimension Keyword. Here the keyword is “How to effectively use Google Analytics

I hope this post gives the exact difference between Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics.

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