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Basic differences between User Interface and User Experience

The term “Design” means a lot. Everything comes out of a design or a formation of a design. When it’s told “I’m a Designer”, everyone’s thought would fall simply on graphics design. But it’s not the only one that exists. The Design industry is likely to be an ocean of opportunities, say Graphic Design and Web Design are the most prominent ones, and 2d / 3d design, fashion, architecture, user interface, user experience and much more.

All those that comes out of a design, goes to the users (people) as product of any kind, and these users are those who give real value to the designs. Their values will be based on how easy the product is to use, to feel and to understand.

Basic differences between User Interface and User Experience

User Interface and User Experience are the terms which confuses people a lot, what they mean actually, what difference they possess basically and and possibly one would think what work do these geeks do exactly. So here goes the “differences between user interface and user experience”

What is meant by User Interface ?

Abbreviated as UI, User Interface is the one which deals with the selection of the right graphical user interface elements such as text, textbox, forms, images, buttons and the layout of the entire page. The ultimate goal of an user interface designer would be the best interaction between the user and the application.

User Interface Developer would take the responsibility of back end codes that triggers the right interface at the right moment, when an action is expected upon an interaction.

What is meant by User Experience ?

Abbreviated as UX, User Experience is the most important and denser part in building a product. It’s not enough when the UI elements are simply placed and built on a page. The way it should be displayed, the colors provide utmost satisfaction of the product as it is dealt by the User Experience Designer.The ultimate goal of an UX would be to create product’s or application’s logic by wireframes or prototypes, creating mind maps, site maps, and storyboards.

The task of an UX guy would be a bit more than an UI, conducting product research, competitive analysis, user research, conducting user interviews before and after launching the product, usability testing after launching the product which is a separate task apart from the Quality Assurance Team.

However, the terms may differ, but it’s the responsibility of the both UI and UX to co-ordinate with each other to build out a successful and efficient user friendly product.

If have I missed something on “Basic differences between User Interface and User Experience”, Please share in the comments.

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