More than 20% of deaths in India is happening due to High Blood pressure according to a study conducted by AIIMs. Mainly High Blood Pressure don’t have any symptoms it increases the rate of serious killers like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many. This post covers “How to reduce High Blood Pressure” tips.

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High Blood Pressure Overview:

High BP is a blood pressure reading above 140/90 mmHg. Our Doctors don’t have any cause till now on why High Blood pressure attack a man. Mostly an unhealthy lifestyle causes this High Blood Pressure. But there are some proactive measures through which we can avoid as well we can control the blood pressure.

One can take medicines that doctors/physician advice to intake will help you maintain your blood pressure at normal level and the same should maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Easy ways to maintain/Reduce High Blood Pressure:

Eat Healthy Food:

Yes Healthy food helps you to maintain your BP level.

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*create a food dairy – Write down what to eat in morning, afternoon, evening. This surely helps you to maintain a healthy diet.

*Intake More Fruits/Vegetables – Fruits and Vegetables are the best sources of energy(Now-a-days people are rushing towards fastfood like pizza,burger etc..which surely increase your blood pressure level)

*No/Low Fat Products – Everyone loves to have dairy products, but it has lots of fats which increase your blood pressure to extreme level. Hence intake either no fat products or low products only.

Exercise Regularly:

As IT culture and Digital presence improves our lifestyle but this ruin our physical work, hence atleast we need to do exercise regularly. 30-45 mins of regular exercise helps to reduce minimum of 4-9 mmHg of Blood Pressure.

“Work atleast to Digest your Food”- Physical Work

Some of the best exercises are walking, cycling, swimming, gentle yoga, simple breathing exercises, normal stretches etc..

Reduce Salt Intake:

Salt/Sodium increases the Blood Pressure level to a extreme level. So intake salt at very low level/ avoid taking it. Most of the people dont take salt in their home prepared food but salt is present in foods like breakfast cereals, bread etc.

“Salt Intake should not be more than 1,500mg per day”

Reduce Alcohol intake and Quit Smoking:

Alcohol can be good as well it can affect your health, if the amount is less then it reduces the Blood pressure. But if the amount increases then the Blood pressure increases.

“More Alcohol = Increase in Blood Pressure”

Each and every cigarette increases blood pressure while in-hailing the smoke as well it stays for minutes after you finish. Quitting the smoking helps you maintain your blood pressure normal.

“Quit Smoking = Maintain Blood pressure and Good Health”

Technologies that may change the world very soon.

Reduce Stress:

Stress is the major culprit to High blood pressure. To reduce your stress, should note down the things which cause stress or find which trigger anxiety. After listing the stress things which increases your stress find the way to reduce the stress.


“Prevention is always better than Cure”

Maintain all the above activities like diet, exercise, reduce the amount of salt intake etc.. to maintain your Blood pressure level. Keep checking the Blood pressure count so that you can adjust your activity plans. Consult doctor regularly and test your blood pressure level and follow the guidelines the physician advice to take.

If you have any other points on “How to lower the High Blood pressure level“, then please do comment in the reply section below.

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