It’s here Google’s Allo !

Google has rolled out its new messaging app, Google Allo with an inherent assistant and eccentric features. Messaging app giants like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, skype, Google’s own Hangouts already having acquired a firm place in the market, now, how does Allo differ from all those?

Well, Google’s answer is that this app has the Google assistant, which is a smart part that you can have a conversion with or you can join in your other conversations with your friends, but you should be aware that what they launched is a preview edition which means it could be a little buggy.

Download Google Allo App APK Allo App APK Download
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Google Allo SIGN UP

  • You can use Google Allo on iPhones or Android Phones and actually that’s it, it doesn’t work on tablets or on desktop, that’s because Google Allo is tied to your phone number to know who you are.
  • When you first sign up its going to send you a text message, you confirm that and then you associate it with your Google account if you want to and then honestly it’s just a messaging app, texting works exactly like you’d expect.


                                                              Google Allo UserGuide -1    Google Allo UserGuide -2   Google Allo UserGuide -3                                                                                         

Eccentric Features of Google Allo App

  • You can drag up or down on the send button to make your texts really big or really small, sort of like a simple version of what iMessage can do

Google Assistant

  • You can have group conversations, there are a ton of sticker packs all made by artists that Google hand shows, you can get them by hitting the little plus button there and you can download them by hitting this button, but you should keep out for the little play icons inside the sticker packs, they mean that the stickers are animated

  Google Allo UserGuide -messaging app     Google Allo Messaging UserGuide

  • There’s no gift search here and there’s no crazy full screen animations like you can get on iMessage but on android at least you can doodle on top of your pictures before you send them and on both phones there is an optional setting to save all your images from your chats to your camera automatically

Google Allo stickers

  • Now you see these little checkboxes they tell you if your messages are read. Red means sent. Green means received and green with a double check box means that it’s been read.

Google Allo UserGuide -preview edition

  • You can long press on any message to see more details about it

Google Allo Message details

  • Everything you send in Google Allo is stored on Google servers until you delete them from your phone but if you don’t like that you can set up an incognito chat and then all your texts are private and encrypted. They don’t show details and notifications and you can even set an expiration timer. Select your message and auto-destruct. Simple.

                                                        Google Allo Anonymous chat - incongnito chat

Google Assistant

Here is the deal: There are two basic ways to talk to the assistant.

  • The first is just an ongoing chat, you can just type or speak your questions directly to Google’s assistant, the assistant will then reply it with best answer and you can ask follow-up questions

Google Allo Assistant Tool

  • Second, look down there, those are the suggestion tips they show up in the google assistant and even in your normal chats, they try to guess what you’re going to say next and then you can just tap them to say it.
  • But what is really interesting is in your chats, you could type @google in a chat to have an answer for the question right inside your conversation, you can use it to search for restaurants together or even an emoji game.

Google Allo Group

  • Oh, there is one last thing you should know about the assistant, you see those tiny thumbs up and thumbs down buttons there, those are all actually for feedback for when the assistant gets something wrong or may be right so you can tap the thumbs down button and then tell it how it screwed something up.

Google Allo Screenshot


That’s Google Allo!

It’s a perfect, good, fast, functional little text messaging app!

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