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Hello, friends! Hope you all are doing great. Today, as the heading says, we are going to discuss all the top features of latest  Google payment app TEZ. Can we?

I hear ‘Yes,’ so let’s begin with the name ‘TEZ,’ it is an Arabic word meaning ‘swift’ and is pronounced as ‘taez.

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Okay! Moving on to the introduction,

Google’s latest payment app TEZ was launched on Monday by the finance minister Arun Jaitley accompanied by the google’s vice president Caesar Sengupta. It is made in India for the Indians as a significant step towards Cashless India.

The demonetization, as well as the growth of smartphones, moved us a little towards Digital India with the benefit of online banking and payment apps like Paytm, MobiKwik, etc

Google Payment App Tez

What’re the all-new features of Google’s payment app TEZ? How can we use this app?

Will it be a challenge for the existing payment apps?

You will know the answers to these questions by the end of this blog.

First going on to the features,

Google’s latest TEZ is accessible to both the Android and iOS versions, and it targets to be the most user-friendly digital payment app.

The TEZ app is based on UPI(Unified payment interface) and used for quick e-payments and monetary transactions through our smartphones.

This app is available in 7 regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada apart from English and can be linked to any of the UPI-supported banks in India. Google is associated with SBI, AXIS, HDFC and ICICI for payment services since only authorized banks are applicable.

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The app can be easily installed from the Google Play store or iOS store. It can be quickly set up and displays a simple interface for signing up.

Many face the complexity of signing up an e-payment account by misguiding steps, so most of them avoid it and go for instant cash payments. To encourage more users, Google provided a simple interface as the main screen with easy procedures.

An individual Google account is all that enough to sign up the app.

Steps to use Google Payment App TEZ

  • You are requested to enter your mobile number and email id linked to your bank account.
  • Then you have to choose your bank from the drop-down list shown.
  • An SMS will be sent from your number to the bank for accessing UPI.
  • Then you are allowed to create your UPI ID, or if you already have  UPI ID, then
  • You are asked to enter the pin and is linked to your google account.

(Note: For Android, Google account is chosen as default, but for iOS, a prompt will be displayed asking you to choose Google account manually)

Thus your account is set up with a few easy steps.


Users major hesitation towards online payment apps is because of the fraudulent practices since transactions are not visible. But the payments and transactions in TEZ are made crystal clear taking users point of view into account.

The app can also be protected by locking it with either a PIN or fingerprint authentication so that no one except you can transact the amount. It also recommends you to build a secure PIN for safety.

How to do Payments and Transactions using Tez App:

Now we are going to the most crucial step since it answers how to do payments and transactions.

  • When you open the app, it displays the main screen with a payment options tab at the top.
  • As you click it, all your phone contacts using TEZ are displayed, and you can choose among them. Otherwise, search for the contact in the search bar.

This feature of the app enables you to transact the money without the recipient’s account details except for his/her phone number if he/she is also a TEZ user. You can also have an option to transfer using Account number, IFSI details, UPI ID, etc. for other recipients.

Oops! I forgot to add the most interesting and a new feature. That is the ‘Cash Mode’ feature in which the money can be transacted to the recipient near you even without their mobile numbers. It is made possible by the use of Audio QR code.

It’s an even more easy way.

  • Just tap on the cash mode option on the screen and swipe for either pay or receive.
  • The TEZ contacts near you will be popped up on the screen and tap your ultimate recipient.
  • Enter the cash amount and click pay
  • The notifications will be received by the recipient using Audio QR.
  • After the transactions, an alert message is sent to both the sender and recipient.

Google_Tez_Payment App_How-To-use

Advantages and upcoming features of Tez App

The app not only allows person to person transactions but also business transactions and payments with the shops which are associated with Google Payment App TEZ.

  • Presently, Google works to partner with Dominos, PVR cinemas, Jet Airways, Redbus, Shopify, PayU, etc. so that users can access the details of these businesses to connect with them directly or users can even block individual companies.
  • The users are given the opportunity to book tickets at the recommended shops to make purchases through TEZ with many offers
  • Google is also working forward to implement the use of debit and credit cards for transactions, and it will be in hand soon.

Joining bonus – Google Payment App Tez

  • As the app’s age in the market is only a few days, Google offers joining bonus – click this link to download Google Payment App Tez and get free 50rs –
  • After 1st Transaction your account will be funded with 50rs.
  • Another huge surprise is that, when we do a transaction of above 50rs, the sender and the receiver both will be awarded a scratch card which may be up to 1000rs worth. You can receive a maximum of 10 cards a week.

So, Google Payment App TEZ is undoubtedly going to be a big competitor for other electronic payment apps, and these apps should work day and night to sustain in the market. All the best guys!!


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  1. Mejella
    Mejella September 22, 2017

    TEZ is de new buzz in online transaction I’s a great leap but will move slow until people trust it. No wonder mobile phones in India will hereafter come with TEZ app installed.. Good writing n info @Kamaraj ????

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