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Health Tips for Night Shift Working People

Health Tips for Night Shift Working People

Now am working in night shift 🙁 , my company is paying extra money for the shift change but now i understood money is not a matter in front of good sleep and in front of our health. On this shift change am facing many health problems, so i come up with the health tips for night shift working people.

Health tips for Night Shift Working People

Prepare your own Food

If you are working in night shift, you don’t like to work too much on cooking. Either you will eat in hotels or will try to have some food which can be prepared easily( Maggi, ready-made food items). It is advisable to spend extra 10 minutes for your food preparation and eat healthy. Try to have some green vegetables, fruits, nuts etc..

Avoid full meals, split and eat

Night shift working people mostly have food for 2 times a day. So they feel hungry and psychologically they think that having only 2 times a day will affect their health condition, so they try to have more food at a time. Avoid having full meals, try to have food at regular intervals so that you wont feel hungry all time.

 Fill kitchen with healthy snacks

Even we regular shift people fill the kitchen with more ready-made snacks which are tasty now think of night shift working people they will either fill the kitchen with worst snacks or they will sleep whole time in home. Try to fill the kitchen with easy to eat raw vegetables like carrots, tomato and with fruits and with nuts etc.

Don’t Eat in hurry

As you don’t get time to eat or you will eat in improper timings, you should spend sometime to eat. Eating in a hurry will create digestion problems. So try to eat in a relaxed pace, try to eat without using mobile or computers.

Take more water

As you work late night, your body temperature(Heat) will increase. This will result in various problems like producing large volumes of sweat, which causes dehydration, which puts further strain on the heart. You will face other problems like hair fall, drowsiness, tiredness etc.. To keep your body temperature normal drink as much as water as you can. Drinking more water helps you feel more brisk.

Avoid Caffeine

Try to avoid coffee, tea and other items in the caffeine list because these drinks will interfere your sleep. Rather than taking caffeine try to have fresh juices or other protein items. If you are an a smoke break/ a coffee break have fresh juices and walk a bit, it will be like a bit exercise for your body, as you are in the seat for a long time.

Avoid Rotational Shifts

Try to avoid rotational shifts, as this will affect your health. If you are in the rotational shift begin to alter your shift time every weekend(Saturday and Sunday) than getting up a in different time in a first / single day.

If you feel to add any other on the “Health Tips for Night Shift Working People” , then please do add it in the comment box below.

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