As a Digital Marketer, I used to do networking with people on my domain and recently in an event I met a guy who project himself as a Digital Marketing Expert. So, I was a bit curious to know what are the things he knew about the domain and find out he knew what is meant by SEO, SMO, SEM, E-mail Marketing, App Marketing etc. But he didn’t have any hands-on experience or track record to prove himself as a Digital Marketer. This post covers you on “how to become digital marketing expert by your own

Digital Marketing Courses Available in the Market:

Many Institutes offer 7 days Digital Marketing Course for “X” price and provide them certificates as Digital Marketing Expert/Specialist. The candidates start to perceive themselves as the “Expert” or a “Specialist” in the Digital Marketing.

So, anyone can become a digital marketing expert when he/she attend a 1 day webinar/seminar? No. This will surely degrade us in the market, already I can see people are getting only 3k/month salary as a fresher and 8k/month for 1-2 year experienced digital marketer. Here What am trying to say is don’t offer a fake promise to students with old Digital Marketing Syllabus that they will become an expert once they finish the course.

Everyone knows Google is making changes day by day and you should be ready to learn the new techniques daily to beat your competitors.

Not Everyone with the Title “Digital Marketing Expert or Specialist” is a Digital Marketer - Kamaraj Mathiarasan - TipsBasket

Don’t Fake Yourself:

It is always good to motivate yourself as an expert but before that you should have both “marketing skill” obviously Digital and “experience” on the same. Don’t fake yourself if you choose Digital Marketing as your career as daily minimum 1000’s of people coming out of the Digital Marketing Training Institutes. Digital Marketing is one of the toughest field in the market as people should do something new and different to attract people to your product, if you don’t adjust yourself with the changes then you are out from the competition.

How to Become Digital Marketing Expert or Specialist?

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If you want to become an expert in something you should learn the domain and then start practicing it rather than getting a Fake course completion certificate from a “X” institute. Each and every knock of Digital Marketing techniques and updates is available in Internet, so start a blog or website on your interested domain and start practicing on it and Join an Agency / Company as Trainee or Executive and start working on real time projects

Don’t forget “ Every Expert is a Beginner Once”.

Believe in yourself that you can do magic’s only if you work on real time projects. Once you start doing magic’s people will call / recognize you as a “Digital Marketing Expert / Digital Marketing Specialist”.

Hope this post helps you understand – how to become digital marketing expert by you own. 🙂

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