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How to Create a Strong Password, Learn in Easy 7 steps

How to create a Strong Password and Remember it forever

Yes buddies, We all gets upset when our sign up in a website/app shows “WEAK PASSWORD”. We all either create a same password for all the websites or else starts creating different password which ends in a mess up situation. Its always tough to recollect all passwords. Today we are going to share tips on how to create a strong password and remember it.

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Tips for Creating and Remembering a Strong Password:

If you create a password which is fun and which resembles something then you never forget that one, hence here you are going to learn the trick to create a strong password and how to remember it.

1) Use various combination of letters ( both Lower and Upper case), then numbers and special characters.
2) Dont use your name or anyone’s name from your family or where you works(company name).
3) As dictionary words are easy to crack by various softwares dont use it. Dont use dictionary words in passwords.
4) If you set same password for all websites, then it would be easy to enter into all other accounts if someone hacked any one of your accounts, So try to use different password for different websites.
5) Dont use weak passwords like “password” “asdf” “12345” “qwerty” because it can be hacked very easily.
6) Try to use acronym/intial of a phrase which will form a strong password. For example my name is kamaraj mathiarasan, so i can take initals from my name like “KM”.
7) If you want to be more secure, it is good to download trusted password managers which are available for free.

Few of the password managers are :

LastPass 3.0

Example 1 for Strong Password

1) Here is the example for strong password :

“Jonny Jonny Yes Papa, eating sugar no papa = “JJYPesnp#12″ Here we choose the initials of rhyme sentence with a special character and number.

2) Example 2 for Strong Password :

” I Love My City New York ” = ” ILMCNY#21 “.

So this trick on “ how to create a strong password “surely helps you to remember all your passwords,so you will have your passwords in finger tips.

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