Free Mobile Recharge in India:

As an Indian, I often spend more than 10 percent of my salary on mobile recharges and other bill payments. Even many of the networks give offers on recharges it is not enough for us. But there are other ways through which you can reduce the amount you are spending on mobile recharges.

So today we are going to learn the tricks which are working fine to get the “Free Mobile Recharge in India” and the cashback on recharges.

Below are the top 5 ways to get free mobile recharge in India.

1) Free Recharges on Downloading Apps:

Yes. Nowadays competition is heavy on app promotion also, so they give various offers to make people download it. so one of the major offers is “Free Recharge” upon downloading the app. This is one of the major tricks that is followed by most of the companies to promote their product through online markets, research says that these offers increase the download counts.
So below are the trusted/working apps that give free Talktime/mobile recharges:

  1.  Ladoo
  2.  Task Bucks
  3.  Earn Talktime
  4.  MCent
  5.  Fokat
  6.  Joy
  7.  Pocket Money (Pokkt)
  8.  Freecharge
  9.  DataBack
  10.  Cash On
  11.  App Trials
  12.  Freeplus
  13.  FreeB
  14.  Cash Boss
  15.  Free ATM
  16.  Free Talktime
  17.  Cash Ninja
  18.  Free Buster
  19.  Free Paisa
  20.  Amulyam
  21.  Magic Recharge
  22.  EarnCash
  23.  Spice Safar
  24.  Droid Earn
  25.  ZipTT
  26.  Talktime Candy
  27.  GetEasy
  28.  Mojo
  29.  Cash Pandit
  30.  Play and Earn
  31.  Cash of Apps
  32.  Paisa Swipe
  33.  Tim TIm
  34.  FreeLuza
  35.  Feea
  36.  Rupee Hunt
  37.  DailyHunt

2) Refer and Earn Free Recharge:

Yes! You can earn “Free recharge by referring your friend” on the website or app. This process is called as refer and earn recharge. Many sites are offering this type of trick to promote their brands. Some of the refer and earn recharge providers in India are given below.
  1.  Amazon referral offer
  2.  Snapdeal Referal offer
  3.  Payumoney Refer and earn
  4.  Freecharge refer and earn
  5.  Askmebazaar Referal offer

“click here For refer and earn mobile recharge in india”

Recharge from promotional products:

Yes! Many products like Pepsi, Bornbon, Maggi, Kitkat, and many more top brands use promotional codes printed on their products, buy these products, and make use of the codes for getting free recharge. Most of the products offer recharge through Paytm, FreeCharge, and Mobiwik.

Product CashBacks / Recharges:

Yes! Cashback is this one which goes on trending for almost 1 year, people search the product with either discounts or cashback before buying it. It is good to get some free amount on the MRP, so everyone searching for it.

Cashbacks are common nowadays in online shopping, this can be obtained by means of promo codes, for new users, certain websites are offering cashback. Earn recharge through major e-commerce websites in India by adding promo codes on the checkout page. Mostly these cashbacks are offered by Paytm, Freecharge, Snapdeal, Mobiwik, Gopaisa.

Earn free mobile recharge in India by playing games online or Participate in surveys and quizzes:

Yes! you can earn free recharge for playing online games, this is a fun plus reward so you can utilize it whenever you are bored. As well you can get recharge for quizzes this not only increases your knowledge as well you can get free amount also.
Some of the websites that offer free recharge for playing games online are given below
  1. Amulyam
  2. Ultoo
  3. Freetalktime
  4. Laaptu

Please do comment if you find any other way to get free mobile recharge in India.

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