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Whatsapp recently introduced the end-to-end encryption for all the messages including images,voice,text etc., which means no one can intrude into your system/mobile app and see your messages, hence only the receiver can see the sender message. Whatsapp text formatting is a huge news for whatsapp users already as most of the apps are being hacked by the hackers(steal your information/messages).

Whatsapp also added another feature last month this gives the answer for many user questions like “how to use bold letters in whatsapp ?” “How to use Italic letters in whatsapp ? ” “How to format text in whatsapp ? “. Yes Yes you read it correctly, whatsapp rolled out an update to format text in bold, italic, strikethrough etc.

Trick To Format Text in Whatsapp :

Version needed : This whatsapp text formatting comes as in built option in mininum version of 2.2.17 for IPHONES and 2.12.535 for ANDROID.

Both the encryption and the text formatting is a late addition in whatsapp, but its going to effect a huge boost among the users. The feature doesn’t come in the form of any buttons or option in the app, it can be added by means of adding some syntax to your text.

whatsapp text formatting bold italic bold italic strikethrough text in whatsapp




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Syntax to make your text Bold, Italic and Strike through in Whatsapp is as Follows:

For bold text in whatsapp : *Bold text *

For Italic text in Whatsapp : _Italic Text _

For Strikethrough text in Whatsapp : ~ Strikethrough ~

For Bold and Italics Text : * _ Bold & Italic _ *

Please Note : In Syntax Italic Text we use the symbol “UnderScore” not the Dash or Minus Sign.

Combine Any of the above syntax in your message and send it to your friend, if your friend has the latest version of whatsapp then the message he gets will be in your formatted text design. Enjoy sending messages to your friends through whatsapp messenger.


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