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Important Digital Marketing Abbreviations & Acronyms You Should Know

When i started my career in Internet Industry, it was real tough for me to understand the Acronyms in Digital Marketing Industry. Whenever someone used any acronym i used to google it and come know about it. So here comes the post with all the major Digital Marketing abbreviations including SEO abbreviations, SMO abbreviations, PPC and Google Adwords abbreviations.

Digital Marketing Abbreviations and Acronyms

digital marketing abbreviations and acronyms you should know

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and it means optimizing a website to get better results in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.,

  • SMO – Social Media Optimization

SMO refers to Social Media Optimization and it means creating awareness, branding, generating leads by posting various posts like images, videos, audios, gif, educating materials in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst etc.,

  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing helps to get instant visibility in SERP(Search Engine Results Page) mainly through paid advertising. SEO takes time to get into the top of SERP, so SEM is the main way to get instant sales.

  • SMM – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing similar to SEM, paid advertisement in social media to get into the eyes of your target audience. Paid advertisements can bring you money as well can eat your money. So it’s always important to make a good strategy before investing, as well we should do split testing to find which Social Media works for your business.

  • PPC- Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click refers to the paid advertisement where you get charged only if someone clicks your ad in internet. PPC helps you to bring visitors to your website and you will get good Return On Investment(ROI), if you optimize your ads and website well.

  • CPC – Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click is similar to PPC, Cost Per Click is the amount you are going to pay per click for your advertisement.

For example: If a click cost $2 in Google Adwords, then 3 clicks will take $6 from your account.

Formula for Cost Per Click: Total Cost/Clicks

  • CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impression

Similar to CPC but instead paying for single click, you will pay for every Thousand Impressions of your ads. This type will help your branding as well it may bring more people into your website than CPC for the same amount you are spending.

For example for Cost Per Thousand Impression: If you have a budget of 100$ and you can pay $2 CPC to bring 50 visitors to your site or can be used as $50 CPM, so you will get atleast 2000 impressions of your ad.

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