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IPhone X Features and Specifications – Explained First on Net

Everyone knows ‘IPHONE’ is always a rich man’s APPLE????. But does anybody thought about the reason for it to be so expensive? Anybody thought the difference between other mobile features and Iphone X features ? Come On I will give you some interesting answers about the gorgeous IPHONE X Features from the funny emojis to the expanded GB size. Buy Iphone X Here

Iphone X Features

IPhone X Feature – Wireless charging- life savers

Battery savers became more or less our life savers too. To increase our life time Steve opted a new feature. Replacing aluminium by stainless steel and glass not only gives stylish outlook but also allows a path for wireless charging. Iphone X consists of Qi charging coil which enables charging without any cable

IPhone X Feature – Larger storage. Unbelievable!!

I have heard many people complaining about iphone that it has a poor storage capacity – that comes to an end????. Yes the storage space expanded with a choice too. Either 64GB or 256GB ? Surprising????, isn’t it?

Now you are free to download n number of games, movies, albums etc and the world is within your palm. So exciting????

IPhone X Feature – Portrait lighting for selfie queens

iphone-x-Features- Portrait Lighting

Hey selfie queens!! Ahh Selfie kings too???? . Do you face difficulty in choosing the right place with lighting for taking selfies? Here comes the feature to make you tension free. This portrait lighting effect throws flash on recognising your face in real time. This gives an extra bonus to your selfies. This is made through machine learning.

IPhone X Feature – Amazing filters with HDR images

With a stunning resolution of 2436×1125 Apple launched the eye-catching 5.8inch ‘Super retina’ display with HDR images. The individual pixels are no more spotted by high pixel density of 448 ppi.It’s realllly amazing!!

IPhone X Features – Animojis which gonna replace emojis

Iphone X Feature - New animoji

This is for you chat lovers and this animojis send your real time face expressions in chat. The face detection feature is made accurate in the upcoming launches and this face detection not only makes you to unlock your screen, this feature detects your face expression and creates animated emojis known as animojis to make your chat more funny and interesting.

IPhone X Feature – Perfect capturing

12MP dual cameras are at the back and captures landscape view instead of portrait view. The camera is no different from the previous versions except that cameras are rotated vertically instead of horizontally.

The images are of fine quality where in adjustments are made with respect to the surroundings through machine learning.

IPhone X Feature – ARkit: A new world with AR

Iphone X Features - ARKIT

The Augmented reality(AR) action is more advanced and make us live in a gaming world. It is designed with cameras calibrated to better the performance in even low light; new accelerometer and gyroscope are used for accurate movement tracking.

IPhone X Feature – Fast charging for mobile-addictors

Are you getting late and your mobile phone is still hanging on the charger? Is it annoying to wait for 2 to 3hrs to get your phone charged? Don’t worry. Now fast-charging is available for your Iphone which is 50% charged within just half an hour.

IPhone X Feature – Bye Bye TouchID

The TouchID is replaced by the FaceID which is more accurate than the previous versions. It has been tested with thousands of people of different races, regions etc and found it to be successful in identifying the uniqueness of each individual. This feature helps you to unlock the screen just by looking at it. Your phone allows only you to access it and maintains confidentiality.

These are the top Iphone X features I found to be fascinating as I am one of the Apple lovers????. Iphone X is the most expensive and most excited of the Apple series and hurry up to stand in the queue. Yeah, the awaited moment of pre-orders starts at the end of October.

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