Best Private Search Engines that Helps you  Hide what you are searching in Internet !!!

As we are in the 21st century Search Engines plays major role in our life. For each and every instance our hand automatically goes to either Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example if need to do homework, if we need to know something technically, News, find the route for a place, banking, jobs etc.., can be done with the use of Search Engines.


Most of us don’t know that each and every search/activity from the search engines gets monitored. Yes even Google search engine, Bing, Yahoo is monitoring on what you are searching, where you are travelling, with whom you are talking in G+, what kind of movies you like everything is monitored. So this post covers the list of search engines where your search is not monitored.

What to do for private search ?

Today we are here with a solution for doing Search privately/anonymously. The solution to do private search is to use a private search engine which don’t store or monitor your search. Below are the top 5 private search engines where you can browse anonymously.

1) DuckDuckGo – Best Private Search Engine

DuckDuckgo is the present best search engine in the world which is very secure and it don’t track your search history. They offer search experience with smart answers and very good privacy.

As it dont use your cookies you don’t see different results from others, it provides same answers for all ( Other search engines provides results depending upon your search history). As the engine don’t use your search history as well it offers best services to users DuckDuckGo comes first to the list.

2) Hulbee

Hulbee comes second in our list for best private search engines. Hulbee is same as DuckDuckGo, it don’t search for your cookies, don’t give results based on your history. All the searches you make is anonymous.

Hulbee uses Encryption for searches as no one can hack your data and you can choose your region to get opt results and also you can clear all your history by offering “clear your activity”.

3) Gibiru

Gibiru also a private search engine offers encryption to the searches to avoid data leaks. Main plus point of Gibiru search engine is it works faster than other private search engines because it uses Google’s Custom Search. They remove all the tracking methods that google uses.

4) Oscobo

Another private search engine with anonymous search facility(same does not store or track user data. Advantage of using Oscobo is you can search for images, videos, news etc., here.

5) Startpage

Startpage uses Google search results for SERP. If you search in startpage then it goes to google search and feed us results from google, it discard all the tracking methodologies from the google including cookies, personal information, history etc. Startpage uses a proxy feature also.

If you find any other Best search engine which helps to hide what you are searching in Internet, please comment in the comment box below. 🙂

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