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Top 10 Smartphone Apps Everyone Should Have

Instead of spending money to read a newspaper, here is the result to know about some apps and make a profit from this. In our busy life we have no time to read news, article and blogs, for that reasons this are the apps helps to update news and articles. So here is the article on  “Top 10 smartphone Apps everyone should have“.


best 10 smartphone apps everyone should have in their smartphones - tipsbasket


Pocket is the best app to read an article/blog in a handy way. Its very user friendly and it’s good to use. Once you installed this pocket app on your phone, its help to people save articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment.
When you browse an article or blog you like but you want to read it later, add the URL to pocket or if you have the browser extension so you can save it to the pocket.
Once saved to pocket, the list of content is visible on any device like phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while you are in travel, on the couch or waiting in line even offline.
Pocket app also have Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature so it will read out the article for you.


Evernote is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving. The app allows the users to create a notebook and write the notes inside it with piece of formatted text.
This app also allow to create a voice memo or a handwritten ‘ink’ notes. Notes also have a file attachments, desktop app and browser extension.
It also helpful to save a favorite recipes, add to-do to your checklist, save a favorite tweets in Evernote notebook, save a screen shots you take on your device to a notebook, archive my phone calls to Evernote, create a recurring remainders in Evernote and so on.


Inshorts originally called as ‘News in Shorts’ that is known for its content finding and distribution. It is an app that gives you news article in less than 60 words and if you are interested you can read more.
It is much faster than reading a newspaper. You don’t have time to go through the long news articles everyday so we cut the assortment and deliver them in 60 words.
From your entire favorite sources we pick-up one article and present them in 60 word shorts. See what your friends liked, share and apprise friends of shorts you find important in a tap, using TOSS.

Play newsstand

Play newsstand is one of the best app to feed your curiousness with the latest news, blogs and magazines on your phone or PC. Enjoy breaking news and in depth articles featuring audio, video and more.
This app has different categories like sports, business, entertainment, fashion and more. You go with any category you are interested to read the article.
You subscribe to the publications and topics you follow about most and build your very own news room. With publishers like Hindustan Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Verge and more. It’s all easy to follow, read and share.


Pushbullet is a notification app, the service act as a bridge between your mobile and desktop. It is simple but innovative app and browser extension that uses push technology to transfer files from computer to mobile device and vice versa.
This app pushing your phone notification to your browser so you can see whether it is important or not and take action on it.
If the notification gets dismissed on your browser and it gets dismissed on your phone too. You can replay to SMS, email, you can answer the calls by using Pushbullet app.


Flynx is a mobile web browser, which opens the link, article or blogs published on any website like Facebook, Twitter etc.
It is true multitasking when you click a link on some website, it opens a small bubble on side and loads by itself while you scroll through any website you are doing.
Flynx is the distraction free reading app and also have double tap option to save the articles. Once the article saved, read them later even offline with night mode facility.
If you like it you can bookmark it and add to pocket.

Beyondpod Podcast Player

Podcast is like a blog or vlog in audio format. It gives you access to thousands free audio and video shows all over the world.
Instead of hearing songs, you just listen to podcasts when you are free. You can search for podcasts or import them from popular sites like feedly.
This app is our smart playlist technology builds automatic playlists based on your listening preference. It give you incomparable access to millions of audio and video podcasts, making it the only podcast app you will ever need.


TypeApp is an universal email app capable of managing unlimited number of accounts from various providers. It is a perfect alteration for email app.
It also allows push notification while enabling personalization across multiple protocols such as IMAP, Exchange and POP3.
If you get mails from different category it will make a cluster and all the mails are you get it will come under cluster. So easily mark all read and access everything in cluster.


This app is most important and everyone wants to know because that store encrypted passwords in private accounts and securely remembers your passwords.
Instead of wasting time to writing or remembering your passwords you just remember only one master password and keep the rest locked up.
LassPass is a unlimited password storage so you can save your passwords like email account, credit and debit card wi-fi passwords etc. It is easy to login to other apps with one tap and keep all your passwords safe and easy to find. LastPass goes everywhere you go.


IFTTT is an abbreviation of ‘If This Then That’. It is a free web based service which is triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and GoogleDrive.
IFTTT can automate the web application tasks, such as posting the same content on several social networks.
IF I get any calls THEN save it to a Google Drive sheet. Suppose, if you forgot to save calls from any unknown number you can go back to the sheet to check the number.

Other Useful Smartphone Apps

It is an best entertainment app to listening songs in different languages.
Moon + Reader
It is an E-book and a PDF reader. You can download any book, magazines and guides from website or provider and you can read it on your device even offline.
This app gives you most trending news from multiple sources related to it. Newsbytes is really a good app to give a A-Z information.

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