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Top 5 Technologies that may change the world very soon

Technologies that may change the world:

Today I have come up with a research on the technologies that may change the world in near future. Yes in the last 5-8 Years we are seeing an enormous technology growth starting from smartphones to rocket science. We are seeing leap changes in Education-how we are educating, money transaction, medical side etc.

There is nothing in the world which is not changing.

And the truth is we are just in the starting stage, so soon we will see our world in the way Hollywood movies are showing how humans are living.

Technologies that will change the world – Balloon Internet:

Most of us heard the term “Project Loon” which was started by Google on 2014. The main aim of this project loon is to provide Internet connection to all people around the world at very low cost. The installations are started on 2015 itself in Srilanka after their foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera signed an agreement on bringing Balloon Internet in Colombo.

The concept behind this is fill a balloon with helium gas and make it stand just above the stratosphere through that we are going to get wireless internet. Project loon will surely reduce the cost which we are spending crores and crores of money in installing fiber optic cables etc. to get internet.


Technologies that will change the world – Reusable Rockets:

Every country wants to expand their power in Aerospace so the amount spending on Rocket Science is increasing in a huge manner. The new technology “Space X” is going to be the game changer as scientists discovered technologies through which rockets can be used more than once. Space X teams main goal is to place clients payload in the correct space orbit and bring the rocket safely back to earth.

Surely this reusable rockets will change the way of Aerospace research and the amount spend will surely going to get reduce. Everyone is waiting to see how this technology is going to work.

Technologies that will change the world – Gene Editing:

Each and every part of human/living organism body or activity is because of genes. So scientists are trying hard to change the world by giving superpowers to human beings. In the last 3 Years “CRISPR-Cas9” experiment is made on this technology which helps to make changes in any part of our genes.

Now we got a positive result of these experiments which can directly solve our gene problems, cancer can be cured on a simple treatment, reverse mutations that causes blindness. Even AIDS can be cured if this experiments gets succeed. This technology is in the starting stage so we should wait and see how it goes.

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Technologies that will change the world – Advanced Augmented Reality:

After few years we may see peoples who are not really present physically, yes this AR technology is already introduced but companies like Google, Facebook, META are competing themselves in this big market. A reality which is generated by computers may be image, sound, graphics etc. can be shared or transformed and AR can be interactive this project is started by Google as “Google Glass”. We can interact with the graphics which is made in AI by computers. This technology is also in the starting stage but Advanced Augmented Reality is surely going to change the way how we sees the world.

Technologies that will change the world – Age Reversal:

Yes you read it right. Age reversal is possible, scientist from japan are already got some good results on the experiments they made in reversed aging by means of On and Off the mitochondrial function. Think if a person lives his/her life upto 50Age and then do “Age Reversal” live extra 50 years and repeat it again. So people may forget the word die/death. After few years death may be something which can be happen only if someone wants to die. This is the major technology which is risky and as well everyone is waiting to see how the world is going to adapt it.

If you know any other technologies that may change our World, then please do share in comments.

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