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Trick to Create QR code online in 3 Easy Steps

How to create QR code online in 3 Easy Steps ?

Yes folks, you read it correctly. Here i am going to show you How to make QR in 3 very easy Steps.

From my childhood i was wondered what is that black and white confusing box every shops, then in business cards. Later on i come to know those are promotional swags that are scan-able information bar-codes.

History of QR code:

QR codes are first developed in Japan for the automotive industry where marketers find difficult to memorize all the details of automotive part configurations, so they designed QR codes and consumers also find it creative. If a consumer need the detail of any parts then they take out their mobile device and open the QR code scanner, “scan” the barcode to get the full specification details.

Step 1: Find a QR Code Generator :

Free QR generators are available in internet, few of the best tools are, Visualead,, So before choosing a QR code generator you should check whether it allows you can track the activities and how it works/analyse the performance.

QR code generator TipsBasket 1


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Step 2: Develop the code and Link it up.

After finding the QR generator, its time to design the code and provide what type of content that your QR code should contain.

I prefer Qrstuff and here i gives you the step by step procedure to design the QR code.

First choose what type of information you QR code should carry during scanning.Here i am going to add my website URL in the code, so choose “DATA TYPE” as “Website URL”

QR code generator TipsBasket


In next step give the content you want to encrypt in QR code. Here i want to encrypt my website url as i told earlier. Hence “” in the content part and encoding options are there which includes static and dynamic. Static option helps you to embed URL into the code only. Dynamic option helps you to track the data usage by means of adding the code using URL shorten-er.

In the third step choose the foreground color for the layout. Thats it. Download the QR Code and embed it wherever you want.


STEP 3:Test your QR code.

So you created your first QR code, so its time to check your code whether it works fine or not. You can check your code in online with the tools Google Goggles, QR Code Reader etc.

Benefits of QR codes:

  1. Stores tons of information in a small box structured code. No need to carry all those information in a file or no need to remember the information.
  2. Easy to access the information with your smartphone with auto-focus camera.
  3. Convey messages to your friends or loved ones by embed it in QR codes.

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