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Trick to Tweet more than 140 characters and twitter updates 2016

In this post we are going to see a new twitter update which lets us to tweet more than 140 characters as well this post covers some recent major twitter updates.

Major Twitter Updates 2016. How many of you noticed?

Twitter is the world’s second most popular social media in the world which is recorded with 1.6 Billion registered users as per on April 2016 and already the daily visitor range exceeds more than 100 million. As per the stats 70 Percent of profiles are original profiles whereas in Facebook only 40 Percent of profile is a valid one, this brings trust on twitter. Most of the celebrities are in Twitter to engage directly with their followers.

how to tweet more than 140 characters

Twitter test various updates to give the best user experience in order to stay in market as already many other social medias like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest Etc., are giving a huge competition. Hence Twitter is releasing daily updates from last few years in order to engage more peoples. Today we are going to share the recent changes/updates which we are waiting to see how it helps twitterati’s.

  • @Usernames and the attachments like images are not concluded in the tweet limit :

As we all know Twitter tweet limit is 140 which includes the attachments like images, audio, Gif files etc., and if we want to mention someone in the post then @usernames should be used but this two major inclusions comes into the tweet limit. This is the unique or specialty of twitter which helps to give neat and clear posts.

Hereafter if you reply for a tweet then you can add @usernames are not comes into the count and the attachments are also not consider in the tweet count.

This update helps twitterati’s to write post in more words as well we can add more attachments to elaborate the tweet,so by this twitter major update 2016 we can tweet more than 140 characters.

  • Re-tweet your own tweet/Quote your own tweet:

Now twitter let everyone to Re-tweet their own post with @username mentions added to it as well as the old tweets can be added as highlighted tweets which can be called easily as Quote the tweet. This helps the twitterati’s to bring back their old memories into action.

retweet your own tweet 2016

Note: Both the major twitter updates 2016 including tweet more than 140 characters –  “retweet my own tweet” and “@usernames and attachments not included in the tweet count limit” are released on the month of June 2016.


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    kaviyaa July 22, 2016

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