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What makes Linux an Out of Box Operating System ?

Linux an Out of Box Operating System

What is Linux ? Linux(GNU/Linux) is an operating system like Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS. An operating system is a software that manages hardware resources related  to your desktop or laptop. Simply an operating system is a large piece of software that manages your computer. But what make Linux special?? Linux is an open source software as well users like it because of freedom(user can optimize on their own wish), this makes Linux an out of box operating system.

Who Invented Linux?:

Linux was evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds .Torvalds was a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland where he had been using MINIX a non-free UNIX-like a system and began to write his own kernel. He started by making device drivers and hard-drive access design that he called Version 0.01. This kernel, which is called  today as LINUX, was afterward combined with the GNU system to produce a completely free operating system.linux an out of box operating system

Why to use Linux ?:

So why do you want to use LINUX !!! . From smartphone to cars everywhere Linux operating system is used . Linux is secure ,fast , stable , free , highly customizable , virus free and more…

Where to Start !!:

Where can I start Linux ? The fun thing about Linux is it has different types of distribution(distro) . What is distribution – I will be explaining about the distribution in the next heading there are many different types of distribution in Linux like Ubuntu , Fedora , Arch , Debian and more each distro come’s with different packages.

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Linux is not like Microsoft Windows or Mac os  . If you want to use Windows you want you’ll need to choose one of the versions Microsoft is offering. But Linux works differently , as I said Ubuntu ,Fedora is not created by a single organization. They are all different organizations but the kernel’s used in versions are same and the packages like Fedora uses closed – source software and Mint uses closed -source stuff mint is also a popular distro like ubuntu, where Ubuntu uses Unity and Fedora uses Gnome and Mint uses Cinnamon and Mate. To optimize your version use different package managers ,configuration, and software. Some distros are for the server . Some Linux distributions(distros) are for home users and some are designed for out of the box like Mint and some are for tweaking like Arch .

what is linux

Desktop environments:

what is Mate ? what is Gnome ? what is cinnamon ? !!! these are all different types of desktop environment. What is Desktop environment ? Is a set of programs combined with users Operating system to give a graphical user interface (GUI) A graphical desktop environment consists of Toolbars ,Icons , Windows ,Wallpapers,etc. like distros There are many different and unique desktop environments for Linux like Gnome ,Xfce,KDE ,Mate ,Cinnamon.

Is Linux Right For You?

If you are the guy who opens the browser on the bootup and wants your system to more secure ,fast,reliable,wants to update your system in a single click ,want to restore your old computers and laptops . Bored of default interface and want to try a new one switch to Linux .

Stay tune Guys at next Article I am going to write about Types of Distros, Types of Desktop GUI interface And much more.

If you have any doubts on Linux an out of box operating system or not agree with my points, please share your comments here. 🙂

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