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WhatsApp Video Calling Update for Android and IOS users

WhatsApp Launches Video Calling in India

Finally, whatsapp officially launched a video calling feature for Indian users on Tuesday. The whatsapp video calling feature available on all iOS, Android and Windows smartphone, if you don’t have a video call option on your phone you could download the WhatsApp beta version APK from the store.whatsapp video call update for Android and IOS users

Android Users:

The android users have current version 2.16.310, this version not allow to make a calling feature on whatsapp. So we can download the latest version 2.16.318 from the google play store. To download the latest version of whatsapp, follow the steps to shown below.

  • Open the google play and search for whatsapp messenger
  • Open the whatsapp icon on google play listing
  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the page
  • In this section it shows popup message as ‘Join Beta Program’ then click ‘join’ now shown the message as ‘You’re a Beta Tester
  • Come back to whatsapp listing page on play store
  • You should see an option to update the whatsapp to beta version
  • Now click ‘update’

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Once the installation process completed, open the whatsapp icon and go to the contact tap, there you find and tap the contact you want to make a whatsapp video call and then tap the phone icon on right side top of the screen. Once you click the phone icon it shows a popup message to choose a ‘video call’ or ‘voice call’ and that’s it.

Alternate Method – WhatsApp Video Calling for Android phones

The alternate way to make a whatsapp video call on android phone, you can even tap a chat window twice instead taping on phone icon and also you can rotate a phone in landscape/portrait mode for a full screen video. You can message anyone on the whatsapp while the video runs in the background by taping message icon on the screen and also you can switch between front and rear camera by taping camera icon on the left and you can mute the call by taping the mic icon on the right. Video calls also secured through end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Video Call – Windows Phone Users:

The windows phone users download the latest version from the store as a beta version and update the app. The process for downloading is similar as android, here also we choose the contact and make call and make a message while video is running on the background and switch between the front and rear camera.

iPhone Users:

The user interface for whatsapp video call in iOS is slightly different to android and however features are more or less similar. But here we not able to make a message while the video is running on background.

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