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Zapier Review – Reasons Why Zapier is Best WebApp Automation Tool

Zapier Review:

We are in the digital world, here everyone wants to have a life easier and faster. I am sure that we are 1000percent upgraded version of 20th century, most of our works are automated, means we dont need to be physically present, all our works are done by some tools or robots. Today we are going to see one of the webapp automation tool -Zapier Review here.

What is Zapier ?

Zapier is an webapp automation tool, simply it enables us to automate the tasks between online app’s. It is an automated cloud tool which we can integrate with other apps, helps to reduce your work time on repetitive jobs. Zapier is built in way that even a non- technical people can handle or work on it very well. This tool comes in the category IPaaS which is Integration as a Service through this service we can integrate more than 200+ web apps.

Another service called SaaS which is Software as a Service that is in the trend over last several years where we can get the software from cloud for paid subscriptions. This SaaS is being dumped by IpaaS.

zapier web automation tool review tipsbasket

Zapier free version gives users to create upto 5 Zaps a month and it is limited to 100 tasks per month.

The connections between two different applications are defined as Zap when you are using Zapier tool. To create a connection/zap one need to set a trigger in one which will set an action in other app which also one should define.

How Zapier Works

As i already told zap is the one which acts in a Trigger-Action manner, for example ” if i get an post update in A, do this same post update in B.” where the part – 1 is Trigger and the part – 2 is the Action.

Zapier supports more than 100 apps, it is upto the user’s creativity how they utilize the app to create triggers and actions to automate.


INSTAGRAM to FACEBOOK: When an image is posted on Instagram which acts as a Trigger, then Zapier will automatically share the image which acts as a Action in facebook.

Step by Step process on How to Work with Zapier :

Step 1: Sign up with Zapier/ and log into your account

zapier singup


STEP 2: After successfully logged into your account, you need to select atleast 5 social media which you need to automate( Zapier has compatability with more than 500 apps).


You can see the social media’s/ apps that you have selected in the next window.

select app zapier

STEP 3: Now create a Zap which you want to automate by clicking on “Make a Zap” after that it will ask to “Choose a Trigger” App from the listing.

*Here i choose Twitter as the Trigger Zap

selected apps zapier

STEP 4: After selecting the trigger, zapier will ask you to connect with your Zap Trigger.


zapier example twitter to facebook

Connect account zapier

STEP 5: After connect with the trigger, it will ask you to authorize the app.

trigger authorization zappier

STEP 6: Next you need to authorize the Action App. Here facebook is our action App.

Action Authorization zapier

STEP 7: Thats it. Zap creation is finished.

Zap creation

STEP 8: Test the zap is the next step.

finsh test zap

Whahoo!!! We have successfully created the Zapier Automation process for Twitter to Facebook, Hence whatever we post in twitter will reflect in facebook page.


IFTTT acts as the competitor for Zapier, I have used both of these automation tools and below contains the experience of mine, IFTTT vs ZAPIER.

1)Provides Greater Automation2)Hard to Master in Zapier

3)More than 500+ Available for Integration

4) Mostly Business Oriented Apps

5) Multi-Step Zaps

6)Filter Allow Data Retrieval

7)No Bugs

8)Free and Paid Versions are available depends on the Usage level

1)Focus on Simplicity2)Very Easy to Learn

3) 271 Apps Available for Integration

4) Home Integration

5)If Recipes

6) Do Recipes

7) Minor Bugs on some Mobile Devices

8) Completely Free

Pros of Zapier:

  1. Easy to make connection between apps even withour coding knowledge
  2. 500+ Apps are avalible for Integration
  3. Platform Independent, works on all web based platforms.
  4. Customer support is excellent
  5. Use it for free on trial.

Cons of Zapier:

  1. Takes time to learn at the begining.
  2. Free version gives limitation.
  3. Only web based, no support on platforms like windows, IOS, Android.

Conclusion: If a user wants to use the social media to increase the traffic to their website/blog, surely this app comes as a heaven for them. I Covered all the Plus and Minus of tool in this Zapier review. Zapier reduces the work time and it helps to make the workflow smoothly.I recommend one to try the free version before purchasing the paid version.


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